I have a rare disease – secondary MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) – similar to leukemia. Unfortunately, I can only survive if I receive a bone marrow transplant very soon. So far we have not been able to find a suitable donor for me - my genetic “twin” - because of my rare genetic characteristics.


YOU CAN BE A LIFE-SAVER – for me or someone else!

Become a bone marrow donor and save LIVES! Every 5th person who needs a bone marrow transplant to survive can’t find a donor on time - anywhere in the world. The more donors are registered, the greater the chance that one fits ... IT’S SO EASY TO BECOME A HERO! ... A simple cotton swab at home is all that’s needed to determine your bone marrow type. If you should become donor, you could save a life, maybe even mine!
1000 thanks...


You are helping to realize my dream ... I want to be healthy, ride through the woods, and have a big party with my friends ... and for my goddaughter, my family, friends and colleagues to be there…I want to enjoy their lives with them ... I LOVE THIS LIFE and would so love to experience many more wonderful moments on this earth.

As long as we have dreams, we live. As long as we live, dreams give us hope. As long as there is hope, we are not afraid of the future. The future lies in our hands. Do not just dream about it, live to see it.”